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Businesswoman Tips

Occassionally, I’ll send out a Businesswoman Tip tweet that relates to a tough decision I had to make that day or a business tip I would like to share. This blog post is simply an aggregation of those posts in chronological order. Enjoy!

Businesswoman Tip #1

Be choosy about how you spend your time. It’s one of the few things more precious than your organization.

— Safia Abdalla (@captainsafia) January 23, 2016

Businesswoman Tip #2

The one thing you absolutely can never compromise on are the values of your business.

— Safia Abdalla (@captainsafia) February 4, 2016

Businesswoman Tip #3

Know all the Excel keyboard shortcuts.

— Safia Abdalla (@captainsafia) February 4, 2016